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Heavy Sleeper

~ Newsea Tera Pook’d and Chopped ~

Kookadanny suggested that Newsea’s Tera could use a nice chopping. So I chopped it! And I love the result!

This hair had a couple of problems that needed fixing before I could send it out on it’s way. The back looked funky with just an alpha edit, so I fixed the mesh a little. It clipped on chubbier sims, so I fixed that too (though on max it’s a little crinkly). I also deleted a healthy portion of left over mesh to save on poly counts and such. I also enabled the hair for outerwear. It’s for teen-elder females. 

I put EA highlights on it cause I like those better than adjust-shine >:3



Credit to Newsea for the mesh, Anubis for the control, and Pooklet for the texture. 

1 year ago on November 30th | J | 288 notes